Six application fields of silicon carbide ceramic membrane


Silicon carbide ceramic membrane as the top-end and new membrane filtration product in the market, Jmfiltec believes that the future application research and direction will mainly be carried out in the following fields, we are keen to share the experience and case study constantly.


1.Drinking water treatment

·       Deep purification of tap water

·       Pretreatment for seawater desalination RO system

·       Mineral water treatment

·       Household water purifier

·       Direct drinking water in buildings

·       Emergency water supply


2.Industrial wastewater treatment

·       Standard upgrading/Reuse /Zero discharge/Recycling

·       Advanced treatment and reuse for paper-making, dyeing, and chemical wastewater

·       Oilfield reinjection water

·       Municipal sewage or wastewater/Landfill leachate

Special separation of materials for industries


3.Upgrading of basic chemical processes

·       Brine refining in Chlor-alkali industry

·       Recovery of petroleum cracking catalyst

·       Oil-water separation in Coal chemical industry

·       Impurity removal


4.Fine separation in pharmaceutical industry

·       Separation and purification of antibiotics

·       Amino acid/organic acid purification

·       Extraction and concentration of herbal medicine

food and beverage.png

5.Food and beverage impurity removal and purification

·       Extraction of natural products

·       Decontamination of alcoholic beverages

·       Standard production of soy sauce/ vinegar

·       Resin decolorization and sugar making

new energy.png

6.New energy/New Material

·       Separation/recovery/purification/concentration

·       Clean production of solar cells

·       Lithium battery

·       Monocrystalline silicon

·       Nanopowder materials

·       Rare metals

·       Graphere